Four Custom LEGO Minifigure toy semi set, include four colors; Yellow, Red, Blue & Black.
Lemon Scented Ninja Semi. A Custom LEGO Minifigure toy vehicle accessory made from LEGO ABS

Micro Joes Classic Colors Semi 4-Pack

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This Classic Colors Semi 4-Pack is our first ongoing Shetland Semi Series.

MICRO JOES: Four Shetland Semis. Classic colors include; Red, Yellow, Blue, and Black.

BONUS ITEM: One Limited Edition Lemon Scented Ninja Semi.
- Limit of one LSN Semi set per Household.

ORDERS OVER $50: Spend $50 total and earn one Citizen Brick Neutral Face Trophy!! Possible colors include Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver, Pearl Gold, Army Green, and Blue.
- Only one FREE CB Trophy per Household.

Our Micro Joes are Designed and Custom Molded by the Master of Custom LEGO Weaponry, BrickArms LLC.

All Elements, not custom molded by BrickArms, are 100% New and Unused LEGO.

Micro Joes® is a registered trademark of Lemon Scented Ninja. All rights reserved.