Five Custom LEGO Minifigure toy military tanks accessories in three shades of Army Man Green.

Micro Joes "Little Green Men" Tank 5-Pack

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Our Little Green Men set is the second release in our ongoing 5-Pack Tank Series.

MICRO JOES: Five tanks. All green. All mean. Colors include; 1 x Bright Light Green, 2 x Green, and 2 x Dark Green

BONUS ITEM: Buy $20.00 worth of Micro Joes to earn a FREE Limited Edition Lemon Scented Ninja Semi.
- Limit of one LSN Semi set per Household.

ORDERS OVER $50: Spend $50 total and earn one Citizen Brick Neutral Face Trophy!! Possible colors include Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver, Pearl Gold, Army Green, and Blue.
- Only one FREE CB Trophy per Household.

Our Micro Joes are Designed and Custom Molded by the Master of Custom LEGO Weaponry, BrickArms LLC.

Micro Joes® is a registered trademark of Lemon Scented Ninja. All rights reserved.